Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow day. :)

We went to Mount Charleston last week to play in the snow. You see, those of us from Vegas never (okay, not never.. but rarely) see snow unless we travel to do so. But honestly, I am okay with that. I wasn't as a child, but as an adult now I know that it is hard & scary to drive in, it causes lots of problems like frozen pipes & it's COLD! But spending an afternoon in the mountains (hiding in the car) so my daughter can play in the snow is quite alright with me. This is the first year we've done it & we all voted it must be a yearly tradition. :)
My favorite part was singing Christmas songs on the drive up & drinking hot chocolate in the Lodge. Lol.

On the drive up. Elexis is showing off her new snow gloves. 

My handsome husband. :)

The snowy mountains!!!
If only I could have a beautiful snowy landscape view outside my window (but keep the weather at 70ish) all the time. :)

Enjoying her first few steps in the snow. She's doing some sort of snow-walk maneuver here. 

Is it legal to drive at 3 1/2 months in Nevada?

Warming up in The Lodge. 

The next several photos were taken at The Lodge while we ate. I was having fun with the Effects feature on my camera phone 'cause I'm artsy like that. 

Elexis. <3

My brother Jonathan (He photographs so well). 

Derick (Seriously, how did I land such a foxy man?).

My brother Steven (Seriously, the men in my family are so photogenic. Why did I not get this gene??)

Love them. <3

I think my hand looks pretty odd in this photo, lol.

He slept almost the entire time we were up there. He was awake for probably a half hour total. 

I love love LOVE this picture! And I am so glad it turned out nicely too, because golly was it ever cold! You can't really tell, but we were all shivering pretty intensely. Haha. :)
Elexis & I are desert wimps & my husband (being from Hawaii) is a tropical wimp. We don't do cold.

My brown eyed girl. :)
Grandma (My Mom) sent up mugs & a thermos full of homemade hot chocolate. When we poured it out of the thermos the mugs would warm up, which would in turn warm up our hands.
We found out later that that was her plan all along. Clever girl. ;)