Monday, December 10, 2012

Baths & Skip-Its

Goodness I can't believe we've already started a new week! It felt like it was both long & short. Derick worked overtime almost every night last week & he worked a full shift Saturday as well. I'm glad the long week is over for him. <3
The last three days were so eventful for me. Friday started off very calm. I woke up several hours before both of my kids (around 6am when my husband was leaving for work) & had the house to myself. I watched two episodes of "I Survived". That's a pretty intense show. If you don't know, it's basically has 2-3 people per episode sitting & telling a fairly detailed depiction of an attack (whether by human or animal), a natural disaster or some sort of accident (such as falling off a cliff or being pinned under something) that they somehow managed to survive. This show has drastically increased my prayer life. I am constantly thanking God that none of these tragedies have ever happened to me. And asking Him to prevent me (and my family) from ever experiencing them. But I have also noticed myself praying for complete strangers. The other night when we were driving home, I noticed a lady walking by herself in the dark & I prayed that God would protect her. That show can really get to me though, so I can't watch it all the time. That morning, however, it was fine & I quite enjoyed the quiet morning.
Both of my angels seemed to wake at the same time. We all had some breakfast together while watching The Chica Show on Sprout. Elexis & I did some school work. Then she helped me give Zander a bath, which she Loves. It makes her feel like such a big girl.

Enjoying his bath. :)

Elexis making a little angel she found in one of my Mom's craft books.

Elexis & I were fiddling around in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make for dinner. She was playing around with a bag clip that we got from Target (3 for $1) when suddenly an idea (that had nothing to do with dinner) struck me!

Add some velcro...

Instant recipe holder! 
Isn't it cute? Of course, you would have to be okay with having a kitty on your cupboard all the time (although you could probably use double sided tape for temporary use). I think she's adorable & am completely okay with her hanging out in the kitchen with me. Elexis named her "Purple Kitty".... I think she looks more like a violet. What do you think?

Helping me grate the zucchini for the Cheesy Chicken-Zucchini Casserole.

Practicing her skip-it.

Practice time while waiting for dinner to cook.
 Derick got home at 6:30pm. Elexis said something to him about Snowflakes & then ran up to her room. He & I talked for a few minutes, then I made Elexis her plate, took it up to her & found her asleep! I couldn't wake her up either. She was completely out. I felt so bad. She went to sleep with an empty tummy, no bedtime story & I didn't get to say good night. I consoled myself a little with the knowledge that she had a late lunch. But it didn't do too much to make me feel better.

Elexis was away for the night on Saturday, When Derick came home from his shift, he took me Christmas shopping. :) My brother's had come by so they tagged along. Basically the three guys chatted & fiddled with their phones/gadgets while I had a fun time toy shopping, lol. We had gone shopping for Elexis the Saturday before, but we pretty much only got her clothes & things she needs. She is a girl & will enjoy opening clothes, but she's also a kid & is going to want at least one toy. So we picked her out some good stuff. :)
Then we all came home, ate pizza & watched King of Queens & The Big Bang Theory reruns. After my brother's left, Derick & I watched "Fred Claus" which was Hilarious! It was a fun night.

Yesterday we took the kids to see Santa Claus (pictures to come)! That was so fun. The line was a LOT longer than I had anticipated. But, we played I-Spy & Alphabet Hunt to make the time go faster. Zander slept half the time. Elexis made friends with the little girl in front of us, I think her name was Katie? She was adorable. It was cute to see them giggle together.
When we finally got to the front of the line, Elexis was so excited. She smiled happily for her picture & Zander surprisingly did not cry (Yay!). Then She told Santa that she wanted a big packet of batteries & a game for her Clickstart Kids Computer. I thought it was a very logical & grown-up request, lol. What five year old asks for batteries? So funny.
That night I read Elexis her new Christmas book called "A Bad Kitty Christmas". It was really a cute book.
I love reading with her before bed. :)

Such a long/short/weird/fun weekend. :)
Now a new week & there is a bunch to do. Zander has finally fallen asleep. Better start getting stuff done while I can! :-D

I love this kid.