Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Popcorn & Cereal Garland

Our Popcorn & Cereal Garland turned out so cute!

I had never strung popcorn before (well I did once with my family when I was younger, but I barely remember it). I thought about looking up a tutorial, but then I realized there's nothing to it. Just gotta pop some popcorn. 

 Elexis found this to be completely mind boggling. "You're not popping it in the microwave?!"

 "So cool!"

"There's too much!" 

 The supplies. Home-popped popcorn & any kind of cereal with a hole in the middle. We went with Fruit Loops & plain old Cheerios. :)

 I didn't realize what time it was when I started popping the popcorn, but by the time I finished it was Lexi's bedtime. So we just turned on a Christmas movie the next morning after breakfast & school & got to stringin'.

 She said that this was very stylish. She's getting pretty into fashion right now. It's kind of cute. :)
We also had a very strict pattern to follow (her orders). It was "popcorn, cheerio, fruit loop, fruit loop". I forgot this constantly & did not follow it very well.

After a few minutes of stringing she said that it was a little fun & a little boring, lol.
Her helpful tip that she wanted to share with everyone was to put the popcorn on the needle, place the bottom of the needle on a table, move your fingers safely to the side and push!


 She did a bit more movie watching than popcorn stringing. This was her first year watching The Grinch & she absolutely loves it. We watch it 2-3 times per day now.

 This was after three tough pokes from the needle. We decided that maybe she should switch to making a cereal necklace to snack on all day & I'd finish the garland. She thought that was a delightful idea.

I could not figure out how to tie off my garland with the thin string I was using, then it hit me! A Cheerio! I just tied two knots around the cheerio & attached one to both ends of the garland. Worked like a charm. :)

So cute!!! 
The Garland turned out pretty cute too. ;)

Our overall thoughts on stringing popcorn is that it is really fun to do together. But might be for kids who are not easily distracted by Grinches & whatnot. If you're working with a really little one, then cereal garland would look equally cute all strung together on a tree (Plus, the fruit loops smell SO good!).