Monday, January 14, 2013

Roos-N-More Zoo

Yesterday we went to Roos-N-More! We didn't quite have the funds to do anything for our daughter on her birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago. So we went out yesterday & celebrated her 6th birthday. It was so much fun! I can't say enough good about the day.

If you have never been to Roos-N-More & you live in, near or plan on visiting Las Vegas/Moapa in the near future you need to go. It is probably one of the coolest places I have ever been to. I'm not sure who had more fun, me or my 6 year old, lol. :)

This was our first time visiting Roos-N-More & I am going to write a review right here. I read a LOT of reviews for this place when I was researching places to take her. People were saying really good things about it, but there were a lot of unanswered questions.

$10.00 gets you in the door. Babies are free, but I'm not sure of the exact age cut-off. You can pay for special tours that show you extra animals that they may not normally be able to bring out into the main area, such as kangaroos/wallabies or porcupines as they may scare easily, hurt someone or themselves. So they're kept away & shown on more private tours.

Upon walking in the door we were greeted by a friendly little coatimundis. I had never heard of these before, but it was really cute. The staff was so friendly & offered bits of information about each animal. They would tell facts about where they're from, what they eat, what their habits are, etc.


The next animal we saw was called a Bearcat. They told us the full name, but I can't remember it. This animal was super cute. It's face was very bear like, which I suppose is where it's nickname came from. ;) He was very sweet. And when you scratch him, your fingers smell like popcorn! It was so crazy. He was very friendly & would try to climb up on you & say hello (I apologize for the quality of my pictures. My camera phone was almost dead & not wanting to cooperate).

A little farther past the Bearcat they had a little gated area that had a bunch of big animals. Two Bactrain (or two hump) Camels, a couple different types of Goat, a Yak (I think), a Zebra, a Donkey, a Zedonk (which is a half zebra/half donkey), some Miniature Horses, as well as a couple of other animals I couldn't identify.
There was an emu in there who did not want anyone to pet the donkey or the zebra, lol. The zebra would go to one side of the fence & stick it's face out for you to scratch, then the emu would come up & scare him away. Then the donkey, who was at the other end of the fence asking to be scratched would get scared away by the emu. This went on for several minutes. The emu was quite persistent that we not pet his friends, lol.

They had an indoor area where they kept the little baby animals like wallabies & a couple of other little critters I can't remember the names of. They had two different monkey breeds in there. Some creepy crawlies (millipede, tarantula, scorpion, king toad). A Kookaburra (yes, just like the song) that laughs & is seriously so so cute! There was a Toucan too! That thing did not look real either. We kept commenting that when it was still, it looked like a plastic statue.
There were many other little animals in there too, I just can't remember each one.

Kookaburra, petting the donkey (before Mr. Emu scared him away)
& trying to get a pic with the monkey, but he hopped away.

A baby kangaroo & an adorable, friendly little thing.. But I can't remember what it was called!
I wish my super power was remembering everything I read/hear.
I would rock.

Petting the babies.

A baby Serval. His name is Mufassa & he was SOOO cute!

My baby peeking out through the stroller.
It was quite cold, so we had him bundled up inside. :)
I <3 his face.

The black & white lemur, who I believe was named Remington, kept jumping on me. I did not mind this at all, as this little creature was so adorable. I would totally have taken him home (I am sure they are not meant to have as pets, but still.. he was a cutie). :) This was the best shot my brother took of him. He kept moving around.
2nd photo is my lovely husband petting a zebra. It is very surreal to see a zebra up close, I might add. You constantly see them in cartoons/movies/discovery channel, etc.. but to see one up close just seems so special. They are majestic creatures.

I'm cheesy.

Elexis, Me & Jonathan holding the Australian Lizard.
He was COOL! I would not at all mind if one of my kids said they wanted a lizard like this.

I didn't ask what kind of bird this was, but I thought she was pretty (Yes, I am say "she" because it's pink. I know it is quite possible that it was a boy, but I just have a feeling this one was a girl, lol). They had a lot of other birds there too.
A parrot greeted us when we came up & another chirped pretty loud & scared my daughter, lol.

The Millipede! Yes, I actually held it. I told my daughter that I would hold it if she did... And she did. So I had to. I minded it less than she did though, surprisingly. It actually just feels like the biggest roly poly ever.
My brother & I used to let those crawl all over when I was little, so I just found my inner child & it became less gross. Lol :)
Jonny took a turn. It is the weirdest feeling ever. All those little legs crawling on you...

They offer an "Otter Tour" and a "Kangaroo Tour". The former is $30.00 & books up quickly because they can only take a handful of people on that tour. The latter can take more people & for that reason, is a much cheaper $7.00.
Now we did not go on the Otter Tour, so I can not tell you anything about that. We did, however, go on the Kangaroo Tour & we all quite enjoyed it. We got to see the inside of a kangaroo's pouch. We saw African Crested Porcupines & learned a lot about them. They are actually pretty huge!
We saw a sloth, though it was too cold for them to bring him out. I think at $7.00 the tour was definitely worth it. I quite enjoyed myself. My husband, daughter & brother all enjoyed it too. So it's definitely a place for all ages.
My suggestion would be to learn from my mistake & CHARGE YOUR CAMERA before you go! I was silly & assumed it had a full (or at least mostly) charged battery.. But you know what they say when you assume. Silly me.
My video camera had only about 30-45 minutes left of battery power, so I got some good footage.. But not everything I would have liked to film. And my phone was almost dead too, so I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked. And out of the many I did take, only a handful of them turned out nicely.

So take a good *charged* camera. Eat a good breakfast before you go, so you're not hungry halfway through. Maybe even bring lunch with you & keep it in the car (they won't let you bring food into the park) since the parking lot is not at all far away from the park itself.
Also, remember that you are going to a petting zoo & therefor you will smell like an animal when you leave. I don't know why this thought hadn't occurred to me. We made plans to go eat at Rain Forest Cafe afterward & I am sure we smelled lovely, lol. Next time it will be home first for a shower.

All in all though, the day was simply wonderful. Even the cold weather wasn't enough to lessen the fun.
We all came home, took turns showering & then made cups of hot tea & warm lemonade to warm us up & try to prevent getting sick from the cold weather.

Elexis sleeping with her new snake from Roos-N-More.
She named her Mrs. Snake. :)

One more picture of Zander for good measure. :-D
Can't get enough of him! <3