Friday, May 22, 2015

Guys Grocery Game Date Night.

A few months ago my husband & I were able to go on a date after almost a year without one. We left the kids with my parents, drove to Chinatown where I tasted bibimbap for the first (and most definitely not the last) time. We drank boba & walked hand in hand. Doesn't sound like much, but we're simple people. And I can honestly say that when I look back at all of our dates, that stands out to me as one of the most fun.
I think it wouldn't have mattered where we went or what we did. Just being out of the house, just him & me. Our full attention on each other for a couple of hours.. It was perfect. And when it was over, we made a promise that we would make date nights more of priority.

We are not always able to get a sitter & go out of the house, which is fine with me. At home dates can be just as fun. :)

Last night we decided to have a Guy's Grocery Game Date Night.
I don't know about you guys, but my husband & I are addicted to the Food Network. All of my kids know who Alton Brown is, Ree Drummond is a favorite in our home & Rachel Khoo's voice can often be heard on early weekend mornings as I try desperately to memorize her French recipes.

When my husband got home from work last night we wrote down a bunch of themes for our Triple G Date Challenge. Then we picked one: Fast Food!

I think that secretly this is the one we were hoping to draw. :)
We debated briefly about the different possibilities in this category. Tacos.. Wraps.. But we both knew we were going with the classic.

Our theme: Fast Food - Burgers & Fries.
Our challenge: 5 Ingredients or Less.

We decided to make Teriyaki Burgers. Because let's be real, burgers are always better when you slap a big juicy pineapple slice on top!

We collected our ingredients. We added a sixth ingredient for dessert. :)

I love cooking with my man. He's so much fun to have in the kitchen. :)
We did not time our shopping or our cooking time, but I think we finished in less than an hour, so I think that was pretty good. :)
The kids were already full from their dinners. And were off playing by themselves (mostly). So we got to enjoy a semi-intimate dinner while the kids did their own thing.

The judges (us) voted & we totally ended up winning this challenge.
The burger was cooked to perfection. The pineapple was thick & juicy.
The amount of Teriyaki sauce was just right. Not overwhelming.
And they surprisingly did not deduct any points for the frozen fries. Because we are just that good! ;) 

The date night was a success & will be a repeat for sure. Next time we are going to draw two themes & do a fusion challenge.
I think I'm hoping for Asian & Seafood 'cause those are my favs! :)

In other news: My son picked me a flower from our front yard....
I couldn't love it more.

What is your favorite thing to do on an At Home Date?