Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Complaint Free World

Have any of you heard of the complaint free purple bracelet? I remember seeing it a few years ago on TV & I thought about getting one, but I just never did. It has been in the back of my mind ever since & I decided that there is no point in not trying to accomplish this. I do not have a purple bracelet, but I do have a bracelet from my church & I am just going to use that. The concept is this: Go 21 consecutive days without complaining. Every time you let a complaint slip (no matter how small) you switch the bracelet to your other arm. I am proud to say that I have only complained once since putting it on. I told my husband, daughter & brother (who is over here quite often) to let me know if they catch me complaining.
I'm pleasantly surprised that it isn't as difficult to give up as I thought it would be. Though it's only been two days & two of least favorite things are joining my life again very soon... Las Vegas heat & seasonal nasal allergies. Lol, quite a time to attempt this, but I think I'll manage. ;)
All part of my attempt to make a better me. :)

We're going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year. I have never in my life celebrated St. Patrick's other than wearing green & threatening to pinch those who don't. But a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to pick one or two minor/silly Holidays & make big traditions out of them. My first two thoughts were "National Flip Flop Day" & St. Patrick's Day. I haven't thought much about the former because as soon as the latter popped into my head I got too excited. I hopped onto Google to do a little research about the Holidays origin & found out that not only is it a religious Holiday, but that a lot of people recognize it in their own ways. I discovered the idea of leprechaun traps through Google/Pinterest & got a lot of good ideas. I had never heard of a leprechaun trap before & my daughter is beyond excited to set one (and let's be honest.. I am too). She already has a list of things she is going to spend her gold on, lol.
I saw that there is an Irish Festival in Henderson (about 30 minutes from us) that we will hopefully be able to attend. I bought some lime sherbet ice cream & 7up to make "Irish Floats", which were a huge hit. The sherbet turns the 7up a pretty shade of green, which matched the straws I put in the glasses. And to top it off they're delicious! I have sugar cookie dough in my fridge to make some shamrock cookies with my daughter, but the poor thing got sick yesterday & is still not up for much today. So I guess I'm on my own when it comes to the cookies.
All I have to do now is decorate the house a little, figure out what I'm going to make for St. Patrick's Day dinner & see if there are any good movies/books about the holiday that we can watch/read every year.
I was going to make a traditional Irish dish, since I found a lot of them on the internet, but... I really don't think my daughter would eat any of them. So I figured I would make a dish I know she will like & just add green food coloring or something. Hamburgers with green homemade buns, green pasta, chicken with green potatoes, etc... I think this is going to be fun. :-)

Have you ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day? What were your traditions?
What is your favorite non-major holiday?